Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : KAP Study; Biomedical Waste Management; Hospital Personnel; Healthcare Workers

Objective : • To assess the Knowledge among hospital personnel regarding bio-medical waste and its management. • To assess the attitudes of health care workers towards biomedical waste management • To observe the existing practices of biomedical waste management in the health facilities of Thumbay hospital by observational checklist.

Background : Hospital generated waste is a special category of waste, which needs to be handled appropriately with precautions as it carries a higher potential for infection and injury than any other type of waste. Adequate awareness and practices among the hospital staff regarding biomedical waste management are crucial to prevent these hazards.

Methodology : The present study was conducted in Thumbay New Life Hospital, Hyderabad. Observation checklist and Questionnaire were used to conduct the study. A total of 120 staff members including doctors, nurses, lab technician and housekeeping staff were included in the study. Data were collected from Feb to April 2018. MS Excel was used to analyze the results.

Findings : The obtained data were tabulated, and the results were interpreted. The knowledge of healthcare waste was found satisfactory among all the study groups. The study also found that more training is needed for the housekeeping staff to improve their practices.

Recommendations : The present study revealed that the knowledge, attitude among the housekeeping staff is low around 50% which is significantly lower compared to other study groups. Training classes for all the study groups are required and training on practices is to be imparted to all the housekeeping staff.