Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Antibiotic stewardship; compliance; Antibiotic Policy; Gap Antibiotic Policy

Objective : • To study compliance of prescriptions to an antibiotic policy of the hospital. • To identify the gaps in Antibiotic policy and providing suggestions for the same.

Background : Antibiotic Stewardship program is a universal program, which aims to work on three aspects; prevention against resistance, cost-effectiveness, and patient safety. This program advises healthcare care providers as well as healthcare facilities to form an Antibiotic policy that, guides the doctors for the careful use of antibiotics and definitive treatment for common diseases. Failure can lead to treatment inefficiency or increase the emergence of antimicrobial resistance. Judicial use of antibiotic through an efficient Antibiotic Policy is essential.

Methodology : A descriptive study was conducted at a 50 bedded, multi-specialty hospital in Dubai. The data was taken from February to April 2018 of discharged patients’ prescription sheets from the hospital. 300 prescriptions were studied against the antibiotic policy hospital holds. The common diseases the hospital deals with were grouped and studied against policy and general literature. The data were analyzed using MS Excel.

Findings : It was found that the hospital does not have any policy for antibiotic usage for normal vaginal deliveries, the use of reserved antibiotics is not justified. 88% of the patients received antibiotics. 84% were compliant to policy and the remaining were non- compliant on the basis of drugs used. The hospital needs a guideline for Normal vaginal delivery, specifications on the usage of reserved antibiotics.