Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Grooming; Attitude; Service Minded Approach; NSDC; Nursing Attendant

Objective : To assess the impact of training given to home care aide (Nursing Attendant) viz, evaluation of the parameters taken like grooming, attitude, service-minded approach.

Background : Home care Aide (Nursing attendant) is a person who has been a certified health care training program and who assists the patient in his activities of daily living. Home care aide takes care of elder patients, Bedridden patients, and patients with severe diseases. Portea hires employees from NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation) partner and does recruitments in low-income areas across the country. Out of 100 percent, 70% of employees are recruited from NSDC, 30% are recruited from local.

Methodology : This was a pre- and post- test study conducted at Portea medical Pvt. ltd., Bangalore. The total sample of 100 nursing attendant was approached through a non- random sampling technique. Their evaluation was done on the basis of 3 parameters grooming, attitude, service-minded approach.

Findings : The study could find the recruitment mix which was from NSDC 38 candidates, Local 22 candidates and the gender mix was 21 male and 79 females. Grooming average score pre-was 5 and post 7, for attitude pre-5 and post 7 and for service-minded approach pre-was 5 and post were 7.

Recommendations : The candidates recruited were not highly qualified and belong to the very low-income region and rural areas across India. Their intellectual capability was found very low before training which resulted in a lack of seriousness for their profession, their poor grooming, communication, and higher attrition during training. After training it was found that their grooming, communication, seriousness towards profession has improved a lot.