Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Healthcare Services; Home Healthcare Services; Indian Healthcare System

Objective : • To study the need for healthcare services at home in the Indian healthcare system. • To study the current evolution of healthcare services at home in the Indian healthcare system.

Background : Healthcare services are a type of supportive care services being provided at home by healthcare professionals which can be either be medical treatment needs or professional caregivers who provide support for day to day activities. These services, for example, can be nursing services at home, healthcare attendant at home, therapeutic services. This kind of care at home is provided by physical therapists. In India the opportunity lied in providing healthcare services at home with a fact that our healthcare system even today is hospital driven, hospital beds being proffered for acute care patients. Therefore, leading to an opportunity to free up the beds in the hospital and effectively shift to home health care. This growing pace of healthcare services at home also needs to be credited to changing socio-economic factors of our country, like double-income households, social structure changes, increased need for geriatric care and also the rise of non- communicable diseases. Indian population over 60 years has also increased to significant levels.

Methodology : Identification of current and potential competition was done based on secondary research done on available information on various companies providing healthcare services at home, all through the Indian healthcare industry. Gather competitive information Secondary data are suggested as a magnificent beginning stage for building up an aggressive and industry investigation. Analyze competitive information and Determine your own competitive position and comprehend your focused position

Findings : 23 homecare companies based on medical and clinical services being provided at home were found out. Out of which HCAH, Philips, Portea, Max and Apollo were high paid companies in the price segment, 11 companies in the medium price segment and rest 7 companies in both.

Recommendations : Two companies Portea and Philips were found to be competitive based on segments to the organization healthcare at HOME.