Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Infrastructure Upgradation; Dental; Hospital Planning; Health Facility Planning

Objective : The study aims to develop an infrastructure up-gradation plan for 75 bedded Patalia Hospital and Research Centre and to plan and design the facility management for the Dental wing in PHRC.

Background : Making healthcare affordable and accessible for all the citizens is one of the key focus areas of the” health policies of the country today. Fruitful medical research and health facility planning is an emerging sector of health infrastructure development forming the pillars of achieving this difficult but double endeavor. Planning of a hospital is a process intended to ensure that all building systems in a facility, including sustainable building technologies are installed and perform in accordance with the design intent that the design intent is consistent with the owner’s project requirements and that operations and maintenance staff are adequately prepared to operate and maintain the completed facility.

Methodology : A descriptive type of study was conducted in the Patalia Hospital and Research Centre. A record review of available information is used for the data collection.

Recommendations : This report talks about the infrastructure upgradation, understanding infrastructure related requirements from the patient’s point of view and from the provider’s point of view. The detailed facility assessment helped in revealing gaps in infrastructure planning. Schematic layout of concept plans has been prepared subsequently in accordance with the recommended plan and space program. The Design plans would incorporate the best practices in healthcare facility design including patient-friendly infrastructure and nationally accepted safety protocols.