Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Credi Health; Healthcare Market; Credihealth Employees

Objective : Objectives: -> To suggest the solutions that will ensure the market hold for a sustainable profitable model for online healthcare and as a secondary plan to make an optimal mix of technology and Human touch. -> To assess the general awareness level among the Credihealth employees about its services -> To know the perception of employees about the services offered by Credihealth

Background : Credi-health is a big player in the healthcare market, which facilitates an end to end service of doctors, various hospitals and all kind of pre and post treatments. This company is located in the heart of NCR i.e. Gurugram. The start-up’s core business lies in providing its customers with detailed information about hospitals and healthcare providers.” Started initially in Delhi in January 2014, Credi-health initially focused on Delhi–NCR market but now has its presence in the ten cities across India-it is now active in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune Ranchi, Indore, Jaipur, and Chennai. It caters both domestic as well as international patients- mainly from Africa, SAARC Nations- Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Nepal. Start-up leads to help people by easing the search of doctors and related hospitals throughout India and in major cities. Whenever a patient wants to book an appointment with their choice of doctor, credi-health helps. Quotes of various procedures and treatment is also a part of its service. The company also launched its apps for Android users. It enables users to get a second opinion about their medical diagnosis or treatment method by uploading medical reports from specialists, for a nominal fee. Other facilities involved are like patients can get more confidence in their medical diagnosis or procedure of treatment. The company made the partnership with big players in the medical field like Apollo Hospitals, Narayana Hrudalaya, Fortis Group, BLK and Artemis. This makes credihealth a collaboration of more than 650 hospitals.

Methodology : Study type-Descriptive study Study Area- Gurugram, Haryana Study Period- Three months (February- April 2018) Sample Size- Census (All Credi employees) Study Respondents- Operations team including all the medical professionals and patient care executives, Business Development Team, Digital Marketing Team, Product Operations Team, Technical Team, and Management team Data type- Primary data Data Analysis –Quantitative Data Analysis Data Collection Tool- Structured Questionnaire Data Collection Technique- Online Questionnaire Data Analysis- The data analysis was done in MS Excel

Findings : The questionnaire results indicated the level of awareness and the perception about the services offered and the details on the Credi website or app; they are using. The analysis revealed that only 52 percent of employees were aware of the services provided by Credihealth, involving technology-based medical assistance. Also, only 56 percent of employees gave positive perception (yes) about services of Credihealth. There is a gap between understanding of the employee and this breach in return cause a misguide for the users of this app. Proper orientation of the staff is a must before putting the staff on the job, which can aware and satisfy the inquiries raised by the users

Recommendations : Rationale: Three months Credihealth data analysis (from December 17 to February 18) done, it reveals that a 30 percent decrease in new requests coming in. Different factors were proposed and one of the factors which can affect the decrease in circulation of new patients is the awareness level of employees working in the company for its services. Hence this study will enable us to know the level of awareness about the details of the Credihealth website and will be used as a base to improve the quality of medical assistance provided by CH. What is the awareness level and perception of Employees of Credihealth of its services?