Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Reagent Utilization; Indent and Consumption; Lab Reagents Utilization

Objective : • ‘To determine the current utilization of lab reagents in the hospital • ‘To find out the gap available in the current lab reagents utilization • ‘To analyze the impact on the cost by understanding the utilization pattern of the lab ‘reagents

Background : With increasing concerns about the overall rising costs of healthcare, a number of studies have analyzed the utilization of laboratory testing.’ Inappropriate laboratory utilization (‘mis-utilization’) may include underutilization and overutilization, as well as ordering incorrect testing. Laboratory testing contributes significantly to,’ the overall cost of hospitalization. Test utilization is a strategy’ for performing appropriate laboratory and pathology testing with’ the goal of providing’ high-quality, cost-effective patient care. Test utilization’ is important for good patient care and good’ medical practice, and there is an economic demand for it.’

Methodology : The study was prospective in nature which was carried out for a period of three months duration. Data was collected through direct observation from Lab Technicians and other personnel from the different sections of the lab and secondary data from the HMIS reports from the IT department. Reports like IP/OP Billing Revenue report, Indent report, Purchase value report, Consumption Report and Order Item Statistics Report. Data analysis was done in MS Excel.

Findings : The Indent and consumption of all the items in the lab were not centralized as individual indenting by every section of the lab was done. The reorder level was not set for the hospital lab inventory. Indent and consumption process flow was not followed correctly. Delay in indenting, receiving and updating the consumption was a regular issue. There were leakage and pilferage against the lab reagents kits.

Recommendations : Staff should be trained properly for their roles and responsibilities; Specific lab supervisor should update the status of the reagents in the lab on the HMIS system. Reorder level for the lab reagents should be set soon to achieve better inventory management. Process flow for indenting and consumption should be followed and it should be centralized for proper utilization of the lab reagents.