Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : MCH Services; National Quality Assurance Standards; Quality Healthcare Services

Objective : Study Objectives was to assess the Quality Assurance Standards of Civil Hospital, Barnala, Punjab. Identify the gaps against the National Quality Assurance Standards key areas of MCH Services (i.e. 4 departments- Labour Room, Maternity Ward, Pediatrics ward, SNCU) and to give recommendations for bridging the gap areas or non- compliances.”

Methodology : As the National Quality Assurance departmental checklist has means of verification is Observation, staff interview, and patient interview and Record Review, so the study design will be Qualitative Study based on the Observation and Discussions. The study was done at the civil, hospital for 3 months i.e. from Feb 2018 to Apr 2018 using NQAS checklist. According to checklist overall hospital score obtained was 73% & department wise scores are as labor room-81%, Maternity ward- 83%, SNCU-78%, and Pediatric Ward-67%

Recommendations : In the end, we can say that Quality in public place is a newer concept and the results and effectiveness will only be seen in the long term. The hospital’s quality assurance committee has to work with a proper framework to fulfill the gaps and to provide the quality healthcare services in the hospital. The biggest challenge is to maintain that score for the long time period, as the regular check is needed to maintain the service quality which can be done by allocating the roles and responsibilities to the departmental in-charges for the upkeep of the services. Last but not the least appraisal for every work is very necessary, so there should be a yearly appraisal programme for the in-charges to increase their enthusiasm towards providing the quality healthcare services along with the upkeep of the services.