Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : OPP (Out-Patient Pharmacy); Prescription bounce; Revenue; Operations management

Objective : • To understand the patient process flow of the OPD Pharmacy • To observe the prescription shortages/unavailability of drugs at the OPD Pharmacy • To identify the reasons for shortages/unavailability of medicines • To suggest the measures to minimize the prescribed medicine shortfalls in the department • To obtain patient feedback on medicines availability & dispensing at OPD pharmacy

Background : Outpatient pharmacy is an extremely critical supporter of the general monetary accomplishment of the clinic. An absence of retail ability is a typical issue in wellbeing framework of a pharmacy. There are chances to drive revenues through better stock administration, enhancing the outpatient pharmacy administration, endorsing and administering of solutions, dealing with the release remedies and crisis division fills. Prescription bounce from the OPD Pharmacy is often seen to affect the overall revenue generation from the outpatient pharmacy of a hospital.

Methodology : The study was cross-sectional and observational in nature which was carried out for a period of three months duration. Data were collected through direct observation at OP Pharmacy at the hospital in an MS Excel sheet which had the following parameters – Number of Items Demanded/Ordered, number of items issued, Price of the missing medicine, the total amount of missing items, total billed amount. The data was collected by direct observation and further by the Hospital Information System. Pictures of the prescriptions brought by the patients were referred to understand the no. of items demanded and if the medicine is new or a listed medicine in the hospital formulary

Findings : Patients with ESIC/CGHS referral tend to not take medicine from the OPD pharmacy as they prefer not to pay. Doctors sometimes do not approve of the substitutes. Medicines are available in double or half the dosage mentioned in the prescription for which not all patients agree. They maintain a register to keep a track of all the bounce and new medicines separately. The medicines given are well explained about the dosage and the time to consume to all the patients

Recommendations : Outpatient drug store, in any doctor's facility, assumes a vital part in health care and it makes accessible the recommended medicines for the patients and without adding much to the budgetary weight, hence encouraging viable patient results and in addition, meeting their satisfaction.