Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Geriatric Health; Home Healthcare; Elderly Health

Objective : 1. To study the health needs of geriatric patients in India. 2. To study the behavior of consumers toward home care services for geriatric patients.

Background : Ageing is a phenomenon that is prevalent around the globe and this demographic transition is affecting India also. The need of the hour is to focus on the geriatric population of the country. Involving various disciplines and approaches to healthcare needs of the geriatric population can be achieved by training medical, paramedical and other professionals. Exploring the possibilities of home healthcare as a viable healthcare delivery system for geriatric persons needs to be focused on too considering the comprehensive, professional and compassionate care needs of the geriatric population. Being able to provide prospective patients, quality and affordable care in the comfort of their homes and in the presence of their near and dear ones can go a long way in creating a positive impact of the care provided to geriatric persons.

Methodology : The study is a quantitative and cross-sectional study in nature. The methodology included a questionnaire-based survey circulated among respondents above 18 years of age with average monthly household income above Rs. 30,000. The sampling technique used for the study is Purposive Sampling. The questionnaire comprised of 17 close-ended questions pertaining to different aspects of the study.

Recommendations : Home healthcare is a viable model to address the health care needs of the geriatric population. It can provide quality and professional care to the geriatric persons in the comfort of their homes. Technology can be incorporated into aggregate home healthcare service providers to provide a wide array of options to choose from.