Abstract of Dissertation

Objective : -> To study the discharge process. -> To find out the reasons for a delay in the discharge process.

Background : one of the reasons for the dissatisfaction of patients in hospital is a delay in the discharge process as shown in various studies. Delay in discharge process leads to delay inpatient admission and patient transfer and cancellations of surgical procedures.

Methodology : Qualitative study is used to gain information and to get an understanding of underlying reasons and helps to develop an idea for potential quantitative research. Primary data was collected by the observational method, interaction with hospital staff on nursing stations. Secondary data was collected from the hospital, discharge policies

Findings : In this study, we find that for cash patients maximum delay (85min) occur in a billing sheet sent to the reception to financial clearance. Delay in nursing order to the preparation of discharge summary is 35 min. delay in financial clearance to physical out is minimum that is 15 min. For TPA Patients maximum delay occur in billing sheet ready to financial clearance is 111 min. whereas a delay in time taken for nursing order to the preparation of discharge summary is 20 min.

Recommendations : In this study, we can see that if the time taken in the preparation of bill should be reduced by enhancing the efficiency of reception staff then we can provide the quality of discharge procedure and it will help to increase the satisfaction level of the patient in services.