Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Nursing care; Patient satisfaction NABH Accreditation; Nursing Staff Training

Recommendations : Nursing care is the most vital and important function of a hospital. The competence of nursing staff in a hospital has a major impact on patient satisfaction and retention. In view of the criticality of competent Nursing care, studying training system in a hospital is quite significant. It was therefore proposed to undertake a study on the current training system for the newly inducted nursing staff, and scope for improvement, if required. 2. During the study, it was observed that the EHCC Hospital has a well laid down training policy catering to the NABH Accreditation and future planning for Nurse’s Excellence Accreditation (May 2018) and JCI Accreditation (Nov 2018). The training team has put a lot of efforts to streamline the training process. They have instituted a training calendar based on which the training is scheduled. For the sake of this study, the scope was restricted to induction training of the Nurses. 3. In order to study the effectiveness of the induction training the marks obtained by the sample Nursing staff (Induction Trainees) in pretest, post induction training test, after one month of induction training and a Surprise Test were analyzed. 4. The analysis depicts that there is a dip in performance from post induction training to post 1 month and Surprise test. However, if the performance is compared to the pretest marks, there is definitely an upward trend, which shows that induction training is effective. The dip in performance was due to an individual’s retention capacity and the exposure he/she got during posting to their departments. 5. The Nurse’s Induction Training in EHCC Eternal Hospital is well planned and is being implemented effectively. There is a significant improvement in performance by the Nurses post induction training as has been brought out during the course of this study.