Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Digital Marketing Strategy; Hospital Marketing; Patient Satisfaction

Objective : • To know digital marketing strategies of Max Super Specialty Hospital, Dehradun • To study the use of available platforms for availing hospital services • To assess patient satisfaction towards hospital services using a digital platform • To analyze the keywords for content development

Background : Hospitals are also inclining towards digital marketing to promote their services, create awareness, increase patient flow, build customer loyalty and retain their customers. According to studies, searching for health information is the 3rd most popular online activity. Marketing of any health care organization is one of the major driving forces to take the organization to the next level by promoting a digital platform. One of the major concerns is how we promote the health-care services, how do we market and choose the correct medium to market the services. Through digital media marketing, communication becomes faster, more versatile, practical and streamlines the services offered. The good reputation of the hospital is necessary because without trust and confidence of the patient a hospital cannot survive. A good reputation is one of the major factors which differentiate the services in a tremendously competitive market. Digital marketing takes the organization to go beyond the boundaries. It is an inexpensive strategy compared to traditional marketing.

Methodology : A descriptive study was conducted of 200 bedded hospital, in the Dehradun city from February to May 2018. For objective 2 the respondents are those who have access to the digital forum created by the hospital. For objective 3- 122 patients were pitched to get the online feedback. Data analysis is done with the help of MS-Excel to observe how many people have come through online, walk-in, doctor app, etc.

Recommendations : Total numbers of registration were 8899. Numbers of registration via digital media were 743m (8.34%) out of that 61 were new patients and 682 were the older one. Number of registrations via clinic OPD was 8149. (91.57%). There was less percentage (8.34%) of patients who used digital media. In the month of study (March 2018) total, Google review was 295 rating was 3.8. now in the month of May 2018, there was an increase from 3.8 to 4.1 and reviews was 410. There is an increase in the ratings of the Hospital. Supportive staff, ambiance, infrastructure ease, the responsiveness of staff, etc. The hospital could use these keywords for content development. These keywords could be helpful for further use for content writing and development and in SEO. The hospital could increase its online visibility by using this. Conclusions: There was a major shift in perception and internet utilization by the masses, this calls for improved techniques of marketing to live up to the need. Marketing communication has more effective ways of sending messages out to its target audience. Trust of people is getting shifted towards the digital platform and people are making health decision based on digital feedbacks. Patient information has been shared to a digital platform and access to healthcare facilities and expertise are just a click away.