Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : E-commerce Procurement; Consumer Behaviour; Medical Products; Dental Product

Objective : To analyze the consumer behavior of medical devices through an e-commerce portal. • To determine and analyze the gaps in logistics and distribution process of the organization. (e-commerce). • To develop effective strategies to implement for efficient selling of medical equipment and device through e-commerce.

Background : Consumer behavior with respect to e-commerce site has been of great interest to sales and marketing. The knowledge of e-commerce consumer behavior helps the sales and marketing team to understand how the consumers think, feel and select alternative ways of procurement. A consumer buying behavior is mostly influenced by various cultural, social, personal, and most important technological factors for procurement via an e-commerce site. Most of these factors are unpredictable and beyond the hands of the sales and marketing team but should be considered while understanding the complex behavior of consumers towards e-commerce procurement. The current study was conducted to analyze the consumer behavior knowledge, attitude towards buying the medical and dental products from any e-commerce site/app.

Methodology : • Study Design: Descriptive Cross-Sectional Study. • Study Setting: Medikabazaar (Boston Ivy Healthcare Solutions (P) Limited) Hyderabad. • Sample Size: 151 (which includes Procurement offices/managers of hospitals, Doctors, Dentists, Physicians). • Sampling Technique: The sampling technique used in the study was Purposive Sampling. • Data Collection Procedure • Data Analysis Procedure: Data Analysis was done with the help of MS Excel, SPSS. • Data Collection Instrument: A Set of structured Questionnaire Containing Open-Ended Questions were used. • Ethical Considerations: An informed consent was taken before commencing the survey from the association. The confidentiality of the respondents will be maintained. Respondents will be assured that participation in the study is completely voluntary and participants can withdraw from a study at any stage. The respondents will be informed that the collected data will be shared only with the guide allotted for the study and that it is for academic purpose.

Findings : Out of the sample of 151, it was found that only 38% of the Hospitals, diagnostic centers, nursing home, daycare center prefer to use an online method or e-commerce site for procurement of the medical products and the remaining 62% fulfill their requirements by offline purchase or contract-based procurement 47.5% of dentist use an e-commerce site to procure the dental products whereas 52.6% of dentist fulfill their requirements by an offline method such as vendors/suppliers etc.

Recommendations : It was found out that the Doctors and Physician who use e-commerce site for their procurement fall in the age between 25 to 35 who are guided by the sales/business development team of the website or app who show them the advantage of using the site or the app and are also influenced by an ad of the website. The doctors, physician, and procurement managers who use e-commerce website for a few set reasons and advantages which they consider is not available with a vendor/supplier.