Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : SWOT Analysis; Market Assessment; Saridon; Pharmaceutical Market

Objective : 1. To study the SWOT analysis of saridon in Gurugram. 2. To study the market assessment rate for Saridon and related products in the market

Background : Saridon has been at the forefront of providing quick and effective relief to headache sufferers. The market for headache solutions in India is quite complex and involves a variety of delivery formats such as tablets, capsules, rubs, and balms. The market is further segmented based on price and active ingredient. The total analgesics market in India is estimated to be Rs. 1,250 million. It is divided into two main segments depending on the active ingredient. These are Aspirin and Paracetamol. Paracetamol is a bigger segment at 59% of the market by value. Saridon is a paracetamol tablet and has a 23% market share in the overall category of analgesics (Source: IMS ORG Pharma Audit). Therefore, this study was aimed to determine the market analysis of saridon in Gurugram area.

Methodology : A descriptive study was conducted in the Gurugram, Haryana and a sample of 120 chemists were taken under study through purposive sampling technique. A semi-structured questionnaire was formulated, and primary data was collected through personal interview of chemists in Gurugram area.

Findings : Around 120 chemists’ interview were taken to analyze the market sale and competition level of saridon in Gurugram. Strength- Brand image & Advertising- Consumes remember Saridon because of its strong brand image and advertising. Weakness- Less therapeutic value: Saridon has less therapeutic value than other alternative brands such as Diclowin plus. Opportunity- Consumers are already connected with its image, by adding some more features in the positioning it can penetrate again competitively. E.g- Saridon Plus. Threat- Major threat to saridon is from competitors such as Diclowin plus.

Recommendations : Consumers recognize Saridon because of the Strong brand image but Now, Sales of Saridon has eventually declined with time because of the fact that more efficacious and better relieving medicines are available in the market like Diclowin plus, Nurofen plus, Ibuprofen, Disprin, etc. Also, Consumers are aware of the Healthcare options available in the Market and they prefer buying other alternatives over Saridon because other medicines being more therapeutically better and are cheaper than Saridon. Saridon can still use its strong brand image by improvising it to compete with all other brands and come back to its position again.