Abstract of Dissertation

S.No. Title Student's Name Advisor
1 Study on Controlling the Inventory Levels of Linen in Cloudnine Hospital, Bangalore Aditi Joshi Dr. S.D. Gupta
2 Training of the Employees as a Part of Implementation of Laboratory Information System in a Hospital Aditi Vaidya Dr. P.R. Sodani
3 Study to Identify Bottleneck and Inefficiencies Along Patient Pathway to Improve Patient Waiting Time at Vasan Eye Care Hospital Aditi Yadav Dr. Barun Kanjilal
4 Nursing Activity Analysis in the Critical and Non Critical Areas Akanksha Chouhan (PT) Dr. Suresh Joshi
5 Social Media Marketing in Hospital Industry Aliasgar Patanwala Dr. Nutan P. Jain
6 Hospital Acquired Infection Anjum N. Mahabari Dr. Goutam Sadhu
7 Root Cause Analysis of Rejection Rate of Medical Claims in Insurance Department of a Multi Super Specialty Hospital Ankita Kohli Dr. Monika Choudhary
8 Quality Assurance of PICU in a 150 Bedded Tertiary Care Hospital in Hyderabad Ankita Sharma Dr. Santosh Kumar
9 Study on Hospital Infection Control-Basic Awareness and Implementation Done in Sakra World Hospital, Bangalore Anshu Malik Dr. Santosh Kumar
10 Implementation of WHO International Patient Safety Solutions in Tertiary Care Hospital 525 Bedded Aparna Yadav Dr. Neetu Purohit
11 Identifying and Development Marketing Strategies for Indirect Customers of Jaypee Hospital Arshwinder Singh Dr. Alok Kumar Mathur
12 Price Pro Competitive Benchmarking for a Bangalore Hospital Arushi Joshi Dr. Vinod Kumar SV
13 Manpower Analysis of Technicians Working in Cath Lab and Dialysis Department Arushi Kamthan Col. (Dr.) Ashok Kaushik
14 Feasibility of an IVF Centre in a Leading Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital Arushi Vij Dr. J.P. Singh
15 Study on Deployment and Rationalization of Manpower in Wards and Critical Areas of the Hospital Bhawna Rathi Dr. Shilpi Mishra Sharma
16 Business Process Analysis of MRI Department Chandra Prabha Dr. Tanjul Saxena
17 Patient Satisfaction Towards Healthcare Services at the Out-Patient Department of Thumbay Hospital, Dubai, UAE Deepali Kapahi Dr. Seema Mehta
18 Study on Pre and Post Quality Assessment of Hospital Facility in Relation to National Accreditation Board for Hospital and Healthcare Providers (NABH) Entry Level Standards Implementation Gaurav Sharma Dr. Vijay Pratap Raghuvanshi
19 Assessment and Evaluation of Patient Discharge Advice Title: Quality and Developing the Specialty Based Standardized Discharge Advice Harsha Tiwari Dr. Susmit Jain
20 Emerging Trend of Social Digital Marketing and Web Appointments in Hospitals Harshana Bist Brig (Dr.) S. K. Puri
21 HIS Implementation Phase 2 in Operation Theatre of Paras Hospital, Gurgaon Juhi Harjai Dr. S.D. Gupta
22 Study of Assess the Appropriate Use of Antibiotics in Medanta-The Medicty, Gurgaon Kanchan Raghuwanshi Dr. Suresh Joshi
23 Pre-Commissioning of A 250 Bedded Multispecialty Hospital of Phase I Kanika Kothyari Dr. Nutan P. Jain
24 Study on Reporting of Preparedness of Hospital Staff in Emergency Conditions Komal Pandit Col. (Dr.) Ashok Kaushik
25 Study to Improve Discharge Process in Multispecialty Hospital by Appling DMAIC Approach Kriti Tripathi Dr. Anoop Khanna
26 Job Analysis for 100 Bedded Hospitals Kuldeep Gupta Col. (Dr.) Ashok Kaushik
27 Implementing Six Sigma Methodologies for Quality Assurance in the Department of Radiology Lalita Mandia Dr. Monika Choudhary
28 Prospective Observational Study on Incidence of Medication Error in the Inpatient Areas of Narayana Multispecialty Hospital, Ahmedabad Maitri Sanatbhai Vayeda Dr. Santosh Kumar
29 Study on Settlement of Reimbursement Claims in TPA Manika Singh Dr. Neetu Purohit
30 Comprehensive Study on Medical Insurance: Perceptions of Providers and Policyholders Regarding Service Quality of Cashless Process Manisha Maheshwari Dr. Alok Kumar Mathur
31 Streamlining the Process of Admissions and Counseling through the Concept of One Stop Shop Namita Bhat Dr. Vinod Kumar SV
32 Delays in Discharge Process at Gulf Medical Centre Hospital and Research Centre, Ajman, UAE Nidhi Sharma Dr. Arindam Das
33 Opportunities and Challenges of Nursing Education in North in Eastern Region of India Nupur Agarwal Dr. Shilpi Mishra Sharma
34 Process mapping of the Preventive Health Check-ups in a Hospital-Time and Motion Study Pooja Mehta Dr. Tanjul Saxena
35 Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction among Doctors at a Corporate Multispeciality Hospital, Bangalore Pragna U. Kumar Dr. Seema Mehta
36 A Study to Categorize and Manage Inventory in Narayana Multispecialty Hospital, Jaipur Pragya Sharma Dr. Susmit Jain
37 Exploratory Study on Approaches of Running Wellness Programs in Foreign Countries and in India Pranita G. Bhandakkaar Brig (Dr.) S. K. Puri
38 Critical Assessment of Existing State Government Sponsored Health Insurance Schemes in India Nilisha Vasudev Nathani Dr. J.P. Singh
39 Assessment of Medical Gas System at Paras Hospital Prashansa Dubey Dr. S.D. Gupta
40 Study on Baseline Assessment and Gap Analysis of PHC Chandi, Bihar as per NQAS , MoHFW, Gol. Pravin Patil Dr. P. R. Sodani
41 Inventory Management in Santokba Durlabhji Memorial Hospital Cum Medical Research Institute Priya Dr. Barun Kanjilal
42 Inventory Management in the Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery (CTVS) Specialty Sub Stores in the Operation Theatre (OT) Complex of a Multispecialty Tertiary Care Hospital Puja Jain Dr. Barun Kanjilal
43 Sales Performance Analytics and Effort Optimization for an Opioid Brand Purva Dixit Dr. Monika Choudhary
44 Study to Assess the Relationship between Working in Shifts on the Physical and Psychological Health of the Employees in a Multinational Company, Bengaluru, India Raghavi Mittal Dr. Neetu Purohit
45 Eliquis Market Forecast for Germany Rashmeet Singh Chhabra Dr. Vinod Kumar SV
46 Comprehensive Study in Executive Health Checkup Department Including Operational and Marketing Concepts in the Mission Hospital, Durgapur Ritika Batra (PT) Dr. Arindam Das
47 Study on Improving Time Taken for In- Patient Discharge Process Rohit Malpani Dr. Vijay Pratap Raghuvanshi
48 To Study the Turnaround Time of Discharge Process Roshni Desai Dr. Vijay Pratap Raghuvanshi
49 Patient Safety Goals Implementation and its Assessment Rucha Atmaramani Dr. Vijay Pratap Raghuvanshi
50 Managing the Unhonored Denial Rate and Turnaround Time of Mediclaims Sakshi Gambhir Brig (Dr.) S. K. Puri
51 Analysis of the Major Issues of the Incidence Occurring Post Implementation of LIS Sakshi Garg Dr. Vijay Pratap Raghuvanshi
52 Quality Initial Assessment Sanghamitra Chauhan Dr. Santosh Kumar
53 Assessment and Evaluation of Turnaround Time for Discharge Process Seema Singh Brig (Dr.) S. K. Puri
54 Study on Time Utilization and Scheduling of Operation Theatre Shweta Choudhary Dr. S.D. Gupta
55 Study of the Insurance Claim Process for Cashless Patients in Santokba Durlabhji Memorial Hospital Shweta Sharma Dr. P.R. Sodani
56 Audit to Assess the Compliance of In-Patient Files Sonal Rai Dr. Suresh Joshi
57 Study on Claims Delay and Denials Sonam Mittal Dr. Nutan P. Jain
58 Advocacy for Strengthening Emergency and Essential Surgical care Sneha Mishra Dr. Barun Kanjilal
59 Pre-Commissioning of a 250 Bedded Multispecialty Hospital of Phase I Surbhi Y. Vaishnav Col. (Dr.) Ashok Kaushik
60 Study of US Local Healthcare Market Dynamics Sureet Boora Dr. Anoop Khanna
61 Initiation of Tracer Methodology as Continuous Quality Improvement Tool in Super Specialty Hospital Suruchi Maheshwari Dr. Suresh Joshi
62 Implementation of HIS in Blood Bank Swati Agrawal Dr. Santosh Kumar
63 Study on Operation Theatre Scheduling by Using DMAIC Approach Swati Anand Dr. Nutan P. Jain
64 Time in the Out-Patient Department Swati Bapna Col. (Dr.) Ashok Kaushik
65 Feasibility Analysis of Agile Methodology Versus Traditional Waterfall Model for Testing in the AMS Engagement Swati Singh Col. (Dr.) Ashok Kaushik
66 Social Media Marketing Strategy, Thumbay Hospital Dubai: A Critical Analysis Tayib Mohammad Syed Dr. Vijay Pratap Raghuvanshi
67 Streamlining the Process of Admission and Counseling through the Concept of One Stop Shop Urvi Singh Col. (Dr.) Ashok Kaushik
68 Assessment of Employee Awareness Level About Patient Rights and Responsibilities According to NABH Charter Vrinda Gupta Brig (Dr.) S. K. Puri
69 Process Analysis of Billing Operations Using Sequence Analysis in Out-Patient Department Vrinda Sharma Dr. Goutam Sadhu
70 Study on the Status of Implementation of NUHM and Healthcare Needs, Utilization of Health Services and Barriers to Access among the Inhabitants of an Identified Slum in Shimla Akanksha Sood Dr. S.D. Gupta
71 Study to Understand Current Facility Status for Treatment of Childhood Pneumonia and Diarrhoea in District Gonda, Uttar Pradesh Amit Kumar Singh Dr. P.R. Sodani
72 Study on Assessment of Discrepancies in HMIS Data in District Lakhimpur Kheri of Uttar Pradesh Amita Kshirsagar Dr. Barun Kanjilal
73 Knowledge Regarding Minimum Essential Commodities of 5*5 Matrix of RMNCH+A Among Health Workers in Kaimur District Anisha Shah Dr. J.P. Singh
74 Assessment of Newborn Care Corner in Four TSU Focus Blocks of Mirzapur District, Uttar Pradesh Ankita Tiwari Dr. Suresh Joshi
75 Knowledge Attitude Practice Study of ASHAs and ANMs Towards the Administration of Emergency Contraceptive Pills (ECP) Ankur Khare Dr. Nutan P. Jain
76 Preparedness for Online Learning in the Medical College of Madhya Pradesh Anuja Lahiri Dr. Anoop Khanna
77 Knowledge and Participation of Males in MNCHN Services Residing in Urban Slums of Jaipur, Rajasthan Arpit Srivastava Dr. Monika Choudhary
78 Study to Assess the Reasons for Low Attendance of Children at AWCs in I.C.D.S. Junagarh District Arvind Mishra Dr. Neetu Purohit
79 Assessment of Utilization of Sexual and Reproductive Health Service at Southern District of Rajasthan Sareen Kak Dr. Vinod Kumar SV
80 Knowledge, Attitude and Practice on Eye Health by Residents in HUP Slums of Jaipur, Rajasthan Shashwat Tripathi Dr. Arindam Das
81 Advocacy for Strengthening Emergency and Essential Surgical Care Shruti Chaturvedi Dr. J.P. Singh
82 Assessment of Knowledge of Anganwadi Workers about the Services Provided Under Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) in Patan District of Gujarat Swati Patel Dr. Shilpi Mishra Sharma
83 Study into the Working of Aafiya TPA Services, Dubai Astha Soni Dr. Alok Kumar Mathur
84 Assessing the Knowledge Level of Anganwadi Workers on Service Given in Intensive Nutrition Care Centre under Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) in Ten Blocks at Kutchchh District of Gujarat Tarachand Rupale Dr. Gautam Sadhu
85 Study to Assess Knowledge and Practices of ASHA in Providing HBNC at Bahadurpur Block of Allahabad, U.P. Atul B. Rairker Dr. Vinod Kumar SV
86 Assessment of Primary Health Care Services in Tribal Blocks of Rajasthan Bhupendra Kumar Sharma Dr. Arindam Das
87 Assessing the Knowledge Level of Anganwadi Workers on Growth Monitoring and Counselling Services Under Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) in 5 Blocks at Vadodara District of Gujarat Chander Shekhar Sharma Dr. J.P.Singh
88 Bottleneck Analysis of HMIS Indicators at Sub Center Level: Study in Bahraich District of Uttar Pradesh Charu Yadav Dr. Shilpi Mishra Sharma
89 Assessment of Facility-Based Management of Children with Severe Acute Malnutrition at Tapi District, Gujarat Chetna Choudhary Dr. Seema Mehta
90 Knowledge Assessment of Anganwadi Workers on Supplementary Nutrition Program and SABLA Scheme in Dahod District of Gujarat Deeksha Bhardwaj Dr. S.D. Gupta
91 Study to Indentify Utilization of Digital Weighing Machine and Training Need Assessment Among Anganwadi Workers in District Bharuch, Gujarat Tuhina Verma Dr. Barun Kanjilal
92 Effect of Access Block in Emergency Department in Inpatient Unit Length of Stay in a Tertiary Care Hospital, USA Deepika Rehani Dr. Brrun Kanjilal
93 Assessment of RSBY in Comparative Perceptive with other Health Insurance Schemes an Available in India Vatsal Ajitkumar Chhag Dr. Goutam Sadhu
94 Health Seeking Behavior of Community in Rural Areas of Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh Devis Saha Dr. P.R. Sodani
95 Assessment of Trained Accredited Social Health Activists to Provide Home Based Newborn Care in TAPI District of Gujarat Dineshkumar M. Prajapti Dr. Suresh Joshi
96 Study to Assess the Performance of Anganwadi Workers Regarding Services Provided by Them Under ICDS Gargee Pandya Dr. Nutan P. Jain
97 Participatory Mapping Research in Urban Slum of Delhi Garima Borwal Dr. Anoop Khanna
98 Utilization of Child Malnourishment Treatment Centers (CMTCs) in District Amreli, Gujarat Vidhi Tomar Dr. P.R. Sodani
99 Study to Understand Knowledge Attitude and Practice of ASHA Regarding Identification and Treatment of Childhood Pneumonia and Diarrhea? Gaurav Kapoor Dr. Monika Choudhary
100 Critical Analysis of Quality of Inpatient Services in GMC Hospital Ajman Harsh Sood Dr. Neetu Purohit
101 Study on Challenges and Acceptance of Health ATM in 10 Districts of Rajasthan Harsha Tomar Dr. Vinod Kumar
102 Aspects of Conformity Quality Assessment of Food Fortification Project under IPS Integrated Programme Strategy) Project Khem Singh Beniwal Dr. Alok Kumar Mathur
103 Training Need Assessment of Anganwadi Workers under Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) in 4 Blocks at Porbandar District of Gujarat Kuldeep Singh Sinsinwar (PT) Dr. Arindham Das
104 Role of Mahila Arogya Samiti in Bringing Change in Knowledge Attitude and Practices Among HUP Slums in Jaipur, Rajasthan Mahesh Kumar Singh Dr. Shilpi Mishra Sharma
105 Comparative Study on Performance of Anganwadi Centers in Non-Tribal and Tribal Areas of District Sabarkanta, Gujarat Manisha Bhatia Dr. Tanjul Saxena
106 Impact Assessment of CINI Project in the CWFC Village in Uttar Dinajpur Melvin John Baxla Dr. Tanjul Saxena
107 Study on Identifying Hospital Acquired Infection with a Focus on Aseptic Precautions followed by Staff to Prevent them Mohammad Farhan Dr. S.D. Gupta
108 Assessing the Knowledge of Anganwadi Workers Regarding Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) in Tribal and Non-Tribal Block of Valsad District, Gujarat Nareshkumar Charansingh Prajapti Dr. P.R. Sodani
109 Study on Review of Current Status of Janani Suraksha Yojna (JSY) Among ANC Registered Women in District Hospital, Roopnagar Neha Sharma Dr. Suresh Joshi
110 Study on Knowledge, Attitude, Practices on Needle Stick Injuries in Emergency Management Technicians Nethaji Bolla Dr. Nutan P. Jain
111 Assessment of Sexual and Reproductive Health Service at 24X7 PHCs in Four District of Rajasthan Pankaj Mahure Dr. Anoop Khanna
112 Waiting Time in Physiotherapy Approvals at GMC Hospital Ajman, UAE Rajesh Pathania Dr. Monika Choudhary
113 Market Opportunity Assessment for Orphan Indications Rishi Aneja Dr. Neetu Purohit
114 Study to Evaluate Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of Mothers Towards Acute Respiratory Infection in their Children Under the Age of Five Year in Urban Poor of Mohali District of Punjab Rohit Sharma Dr. Alok Kumar Mathur
115 What is the Level of Knowledge and Attitude of Adolescents, Regarding Family Life Education in Surat City? Yogita Murde Dr. Goutam Sodhu