Dean Message

Message from the Dean (School of Development Studies)

Dear Friends,

Our program at the School of Development Studies (SDS) is uniquely structured to put you on the path to leadership. The school engages with the pressing challenges of achieving sustainable development in the face of persisting poverty in specific geographies, widening inequalities, new dynamics and interdependencies between ‘rural’ and ‘urban,’ political and xenophobic conflict, growing pernicious sway of consumerism, degrading natural resource base, and irreversible climate change.
The program is designed to correspond directly to the needs of the companies. Our dynamic program will enhance your career capabilities and offer excellent professional networks. We want to increase your potential to be a future leader. We also want to boost your confidence.
The year 2019-20 was a seminal year for the MBA Rural Management program at SDS. For the first time since its inception in 2010, the program has thirty students coming from diverse geographies, including 20% foreign nationals. As the year passes engulfed with the corona pandemic, SDS seeks to engage with dynamic realities to deepen the understanding of these issues and develop grounded and meaningful responses for better policy formulation and effective program delivery.

  • To emerge as a multidisciplinary research and practice center for solving local context-specific problems and creating universal knowledge.
  • To prepare development practitioners for professional contribution to work and organizations powered by the fourth Industrial Revolution by equipping them with skills, perspectives, decision-making tools embedded in foundations of scientific knowledge, interdisciplinarity, and values of equity, justice, ecological sustainability to forge effective pathways towards Sustainable Development.
  • To nurture values of compassionate engagement to strive for holistic well- being in a world that is witnessing increasing economic disparities, unheard levels of environmental destruction, energy consumption, unbridled consumerism, and xenophobia.

On the bedrock of our core values and future vision, we will continue to scale up over the next decade to build a school of international repute.

Rahul Ghai